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conferred on him the titles of Aivattaru-mandaUkara*ganda.
and Purva-siwhasariadhiSvara. He also granted (to Cannama)
the forest extending as far as the village of Kadavakoknti
Cannama having obtained the permission of the Raya returned
to his own village,

Kaifiyat of Na&midoddipalem, L. R. 39, pp.Ill

After the death Basivi Nayadu, his son. Peda Rangappa,
and after him, his son Musili Nayadu?   were  protecting the
villages and the highway.    Musili Nayadu gathered forces
-with a treasonable  intent,  and rose  up  in  rebellion  during
KržnadeVaraya's reign; but being unable to resist the royal
forces,   he   fled   from   his   place   and   took   refuge   in  the
Lankainalai  hills.    Taking advantage of the Raya's visit to
Puspagiri,   he   tendered   his   submission  through  Kamarasu
Timmarasayya who interceded with the Raya  on his behalf,
and obtained his permission  for  an  interview.    During the
interview Musili Nayadu explained to the Raya that he was
obliged to take  refuge   in  the   Lankamalais   owing to   the
intrigues of Rangapatiraju, a Ksatriya chief, who was holding
the village of Jillella under the Raya.
The Raya having viewed his case leniently forgave him
his faults. He granted to him as a jaglr the jungle stretching
between Puspagiri and Peranipadu, and commanded him to
keep watch over the villages and the highway as before-
Further, he ordered a certain Malraju, one of his servants, to
accompany Musili Nayadu, and build at any place he might
choose a village for his habitation. In obedience to the
command of the Ray a, Malraju built a village called Patturu-
palem at a place called Bodadinne on the Kasi-Ramegvaram
Road and excavated a tank in its neighbourhood which he
named after himself.
t of JPatMrufSl&rt, Z. R. 9, pp. 350 &